Providing the Standard for Excellence in the Groundwater Tracing Industry Since 1973

Fluorescent Tracer Dye Specialists in Water and Land Use Investigations

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The Ozark Underground Laboratory conducts water and land use investigations with special emphasis on karst and fractured rock landscapes.

We are the Industry Leaders in the development and implementation of practical and cost-effective strategies for tracing the movement of underground waters with fluorescent tracer dyes.

Pyranine flourescent dye in stream for groundwater flow analysis

We provide outstanding professional services related to the interactions of surface and subsurface waters and the protection of groundwater quality.

The Ozark Underground Laboratory conducts water and land use investigations with special emphasis on karst and fractured rock landscapes.

The Ozark Underground Laboratory, Inc. (OUL) is a groundwater consulting firm that provides a wide range of hydrogeological services.  We have been in fulltime operation since 1973 and have worked in 40 states,
2 territories, and 13 countries.  We specialize in the subsurface migration of pollutants in karst and fractured rock landscapes in hydrologically and politically sensitive areas.


• Tracer study plan development

• Field services for hydrogeologic assessment, dye introduction and monitoring

• State-of-the-art analytical services

• Groundwater tracing dye and supplies

• Data interpretation and evaluation

Groundwater Tracing Studies using Fluorescent Tracer Dyes


Aquifer Investigations

Aquifer Investigations in karst, fractured rock and porous media environments that involve development
of study plans, groundwater tracing, and data analysis

• Karst aquifer flow paths and groundwater discharge

• Groundwater transport rates through mobile porosity zones

• Development of groundwater monitoring strategies

• Groundwater-surface water interactions

• Leakage issues at impoundments and waste ponds

• Contaminant transport evaluations

• Mine reclamation and acid mine drainage control

• Sanitary, industrial, and radioactive waste landfills

• Zone of influence determinations for quarries and public water supply wells

• Leakage to groundwater from industrial pipes and drains

• Leakage to groundwater at nuclear power stations and refineries

• Response to catastrophic collapses and spills that affect groundwater

Delineation of Recharge Areas for Important Karst Features

• Caves, springs, and fen recharge areas

• Threatened and endangered species habitats

• Public water supplies

Groundwater Vulnerability Assessments in Karst Environments

• Determination of potential water quality hazards

• Assessment and mapping of susceptibility to future groundwater degradation

Sinkhole and Land Subsidence Issues

• Evaluation of sinkhole risks for waste facilities and high value properties

• Development of strategies to minimize risks

• Determination of causes of sinkhole collapses

• Development of sinkhole remediation recommendations

Hazardous Waste Site Investigations

• Source area identification

• Groundwater monitoring plan development

• In-situ groundwater remediation pilot tests

• Rates of groundwater travel through mobile porosity zones

• Flow barrier verification

Cave and Karst Management

• National Natural Landmark evaluations

• Radon management plans for show caves under an OSHA Alliance Agreement

• Air flow evaluations of off-site migration of TCE from a Superfund site

Professional Short Course Instruction

• Professional short courses for several professional organizations

• Educational field trips

Litigation Support

including expert testimony in court and depositions as well as expert report preparation

Previous cases have included sinkhole development induced by quarry pumping and improper storm water management, extent of groundwater contamination from sewage discharge to a losing stream, site suitability for sanitary landfills, adequacy of monitoring for landfills, and reasonableness of a very large monitoring and recovery program.

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